frequently asked questions

What is the “Home Run Against Drugs” Program?
Home Run Against Drugs is a drug prevention program for elementary school children. Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyle choices among our nation’s youth by empowering them with knowledge and self-esteem to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Who is “Homer”?
Homer is our mascot. We wanted to create an identity that children could associate with, and that would serve as our “spokesperson”. Children respond to animation, and to create a fun, educational character that could interact with the children made sense.

What exactly is “The S.T.R.I.K.E. Force”?
The concept of the S.T.R.I.K.E. Force is to develop a “team” approach to delivering the “Home Run Against Drugs” message. S.T.R.I.K.E. is an acronym for Start Teaching Resistance In Kids Early! The idea was to create a “supporting cast” of members for “Homer”. This “team” will consist of professional athletes, community leaders, parents, educators and of course kids! Eventually, the S.T.R.I.K.E. Force will contain other animated characters (from other sports) that can interact with “Homer” through video, multimedia, and print media. The idea was to create a sense of “membership” that each child is a member of the same team as a celebrity.

How is the “Home Run Against Drugs Program” delivered?
The program is primarily assembly based. We work with the school or organization to deliver our message with groups of children, ages 4-10. The program consists of delivering basic principles on goal setting, self-esteem, health and nutrition, substance use and abuse, and legal consequences. Homer is brought in to interact with some role-playing. There is a curriculum that includes activities and lessons expanding on the message delivered in the assembly program. There is a personalized Create-A-Book story that reinforces the Homer assembly program. Each child receives one after the assembly.  

What other ways does ‘Home Run Against Drugs” interact in the community?
We participate in community events, children’s events, and work to be as visible as possible. We have participated in school fairs, spring flings, and parades. We work with corporate sponsors to create events such as the “Home Run Derby” and Celebrity Softball Events. We plan to develop a national mascot program to create awareness and to participate in the professional sports venues throughout the country. At these events, our focus is to generate awareness of “Homer” and the “Home Run Against Drugs” message, and to deliver materials such as baseball cards and coloring books to kids furnished by sponsors.

How will the program be funded?
Funding will be provided through private donations, grants, and fund raising efforts. We also plan to develop partnerships with companies that can develop products to help deliver our message through cause-related marketing. We can create more awareness and benefit through the sales of these items, as well as generate financial support.

Who do you contact for program information and appearance information?

​Kemi Pogue, Program Director