Our program is designed for youth programs at churches, synagogues, non denomination, etc.

Fire safety

Our program is designed to help fire departments promote fire safety and the fire safety messages.

Why give-a-book?

  • Promotes reading and makes reading FUN!
  • Delivers important messages to today's youth
  • FREE for schools (paid for by sponsors)
  • Promotes good will in the community
  • Advertisement for sponsors
  • ​Quality hard covered personalized books
  • Washable cover, fully illustrated color pages​
  • 36-40 pages that becomes a keepsake​​​
Fire Safety Give-a-Book program

our mission

The mission of our Give-a-Book programs is to get children "Hooked on Books" through personalization.

youth groups

Our program is designed for youth groups such as Boys and Girls Scouts, sports teams, etc.

Youth Group Give-a-Book program
Religious Give-a-Book program
Home Run Against Drugs

​what is a give-a-book program?

​Our programs are designed to encourage reading while delivering an important message. Imagine the thrill children will experience when they see and recognize their names in print. They will be proud of the book and the story in which they star. They will experience a sense of accomplishment at being able to read their own book. In turn, the messages will be retained because the book becomes a keepsake and read over and over. Reading is exciting when the story is about you.

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Home run against drugs

A 45 minute "healthy and drug free lifestyle" programs for 2nd and/or 3rd graders.